Welcome to Mitzi Jane Media! We are glad that you found our little site on the worldwide web.

We are here to serve you and help you and your business navigate this world of social media and digital marketings. We believe that the best marketing plans and strategies are those that are customized to your brand and actually fit into your limited resources of time and money.

Our team is available to help you on a one-time consulting basis create a strategy or to join your team as a digital marketing consultant, coach or manager for 6 or more months.

How MJM Works

Step 1: Mitzi sits down with each potential client to hear their vision for their business. She will analysis needs and how her team might be of service.

Step 2: Mitzi gives the client a blueprint of what a working relationship would look like and an estimate cost for services to reach the client’s immediate one year goals.

Step 3: The client and Mitzi create outcomes and goals for MJM to begin work toward accomplishing on a weekly basis.

Step 4: MJM works with the client and/or team for six months to a year to make their vision a reality.

Services Include

  • Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Social Media Ads
  • Native Content Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Avatar Development
  • Course Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Blogging/Copy Writing
  • Product Launch
  • Content Calendar
  • Brand to Blogger Partnerships

In addition, Mitzi can serve as a trainer, coach or Mastermind facilitator to the client’s employees, clients, or online community.



Email Mitzi today to set up an appointment @ MitziJaneMedia(at)gmail.com. In subject line, add “MJMMeetUp”.

If you are a woman business owner, consider getting involved with the Business Mavens. This is a community that Mitzi facilitates to encourage those who see their business as their mission in life. Mitzi and the community helps women map out their plan and provides the support they need to make their God-given vision a reality.

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