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It has been awhile since we have talked.

For the past 3 years, I have taken a slight break from Mitzi Jane Media and worked with one client at a time and led online courses, webinars and Masterminds as I have homeschooled my children. Yesterday, my boys went back to school! (HAPPY dance!!!)

I’m out doing the “networking hustle” trying to find my tribe as I’m relaunching my business to the Birmingham community. If you’re interested in learning more about my networking experience, I’ll be doing a Facebook live August 16 at 1 PM on Mitzi Jane Media to share “Business Networking Dos and Don’ts”. I’ll share what I’m learning (leave a comment below and I’ll make sure I send you a FB invite).

If you are extremely interested in what I’m doing to relaunch, follow me at Mitzi Eaker Snapchat and you can follow my journey. I will share the edited version via stories on Instagram at Mitzi Eaker. 😍

Over five years ago when I first launched Mitzi Jane Media, my philosophy was to help business owners understand social media and help them create and implement their own digital media strategy through trainings.

However, the world of digital media has evolved and it is a very complex world. I would not suggest a business owner implementing a digital media strategy unless they were social media experts. Not only do you have to be an expert in social and pay to play,  but you have to be an expert of the ever changing rules of the way you play the game to win!

You can have the best strategy, but the wrong person executing the strategy. On the other hand, you can have a person who creates attractive social posts, but they lack a strategy that brings in sales.

Mostly, what I see is something in-between with an inconsistent half-baked digital marketing strategy that yields no return on investment and frustrates the business owner.

Needless to say, the solutions in 2017 are very different than they were 5 years ago.

What do you struggle with most in digital marketing?





Gifts of Joy: Systems

GJ Systems

Welcome to the fourth blog post of the Gifts of Joy series where we share strategies for finding and sharing joy this Christmas.

The buzzword “Systems” seems to be all the rage with business and marketing gurus from Michael Hyatt to Chalene Johnson. We hear that the answer to productive living is getting better systems in place in your life.

Working in publishing for 8 years, I saw firsthand the importance of systems. I was hired as a Ministry Consultant and responsible for designing programs for our Nation-wide network of leaders. In my position, I had a flexible system that I worked from because every week was different. However, the editorial side of my team had a system called the Editorial Production Calendar. This is what the writers, editors, copy editors, and designers lived by. I was also part of the their system!

I often bucked their system when I didn’t turn in articles or return manuscript revisions by their calendar due date. Looking back, I see where I valued my time and obligations more than I valued “the system” or my peers. However, my perceptions of their system quickly changed two years later when I became a team leader.

When I saw how important the production schedule was for my team’s success, my attitude changed! From that point on, I did what I could to make sure my actions didn’t interfere with the system. Also, I had an amazing team with an editor that was a systems master. Not only did I not want to interfere with the system, but I respected the Editor so much that I wanted to do all that I could to see the editorial side and system succeeded. When an outsourced curriculum was placed on our team due to the recession, the system we had almost handled the additional responsibilities. We used the system to prove that our team needed more editorial help if we were to effectively produce additional curriculum. Also, we showed that our team’s system could only do so much before the process could crash from overload.

A system not only is a way to be more productive in the workplace, but when you have clear systems in place at home you are better able to manage your personal life and make time for those things in life that bring you joy. It also helps you identify those things that rob you of your time.

I really struggled when I left my job to be a stay at home mom, because the systems that I had relied on at work no longer kept me on task. When I started my own social media consulting business 5 years ago, I had to set up some systems to get the work completed in my job and at home.

Think of the current systems in your life. You might fall into one of two areas- a System’s Master or a Systems Mess-er (those that mess up systems) or you might be a bit of both.

Most likely, you follow a system every morning without even thinking about it- get out of bed, get in the shower, turn the water on, get wet, shampoo hair, condition hair, wash body, rinse, dry off, blow dry hair, and finish getting ready for work. Your morning and evening routines are systems that you have created in your life.

Take a moment and think of other systems you may need in your life. What are the systems you could create to make your life more productive and make more time for doing the things you love which will bring you JOY. The goal is to systemize the mundane things to be more fully engaged in your relationships.

Christmas is a great time to create systems. As we discussed yesterday, this month like no other month, brings added expectations and responsibilities that can overwhelm even the best of systems and humans.

The Gifts of Joy Challenge is to seek to simplify a system that involves others over the holiday season. This might be helping a family member get ready for a holiday gathering, creating a family calendar for December, or planning sit down meals with your family at certain times during the week. Whatever system you think will bring you and yours joy this Christmas season.

What systems come to your mind?

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Gifts of Joy: Gratitude

GJ Gratitude


Ask for what you need, but be grateful for what you get. -Whitney English

Monday night I heard Whitney English share this statement via scope. My kids came home from their first year of school with a similar sentiment.

You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit.

These are all ways to say, “Be grateful for what you have”.

Of course, I tell my kids often that by being born in one of the richest countries in the world, like the United States, we have more luxuries than the majority of the world. This is incredibly hard for either of them or myself (really) to completely understand, because we have always had a roof over our heads and warm floors under our feet. However, as a child I lived is a tiny old house where my father grew up of less than 500 square feet. I didn’t know any difference because my basic needs were provided. We felt rich to me, because we had shelter (it was very cold during the mild Alabama winters), food, transportation, and hand-me down or handmade clothing all with a whole lot of faith, hope and love.

Serving to poverty stricken areas in Mexico, Moldova, and Indonesia I have seen poverty. Yet, even among what I see as destitute, I see smiles of joy from children playing together and parents making what little they do have meet their family’s needs to the best of their ability.

Today, especially in the US, there is such a huge movement of entitlement with very little in the way of attitudes of gratitude.

I’m reminded of Ann Voskamp’s book 1000’s Gifts where it was through the counting of gifts that Ann discovered joy as she encountered God and opened her eyes to the work of his hand in simple daily living and in the world at large.

Ann continues to tell the stories of gratitude and inspire others through her blog www.HolyExperience.com.

How often do we stop to count the ways that we have been blessed? Are we grateful for what we have been given? Do we dare begin to count the gifts?

Today, let’s take a moment to take inventory of the gifts we have been given and give thanks. Instead of looking at everything we don’t have or cannot provide to others, begin looking at all the little things we do have and find joy in those things.

The Gifts of Joy Challenge is to tell someone you know why you are grateful for them. Share with them specific ways that you see them living a life that inspires you.

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Strength Conference is Helping Business Leaders Get Social

Strength in networking.

Strength in networking.

Our Strength Conference attendees are growing in their knowledge and understanding of online marketing and social media.


“This is just what I needed to get started doing online marketing. Now, I have the ideas and a plan.” Jessyca McKnight


Highlights from Strength:

On April 9th, the focus was on online marketing strategy and content development for small businesses.

I shared how a small business’ missions statement should be the foundation on which they build their their marketing strategy. Then I presented questions business need to ask in creating an online communication strategy:

  • What do your customers want and need to hear?
  • How much time does your customer have to listen to you?
  • What do you want and need to say to your customer?
  • What time, skills, and resources do you have to invest in communications?
  • Where are the majority of your customers online?

That same night Karla Archer, of Archer Creative, gave ideas to help businesses connect with their customers by creating content that is valuable and useful. A few of the content ideas included:

  • Debunk and address common myths about your industry
  • Share industry charts and infographics (MJM loves to pin social media infographics!)
  • Curate and highlight info/links from other sites
  • Live blog or tweet events you attend
  • Give away your knowledge

Mike and David

On April 15, Jerry Brown from InfoMedia gave a presentation on Google Anayltics and Search Engine Optimization.

A few quotes from Jerry:

Strength Conference SEO

“Raw data without action is useless.”

“If your visitors are bouncing off the important pages,you may not be giving them enough information.”

“Hope is not a business strategy.”

“Search Engine Optimization is ever changing.”

“Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about Google.”

More Strength on April 22…

This coming Monday night, April 22, Julie Brannon of TELP Media will be sharing personal insights into how to leverage your personal and business brand online to connect with customers. Julie has worked with clients from Silicon Valley to New York City and around the world through the online connections that she has made.

Also, Rachel Callahan from Searching for Objectivity and the facilitator of Alabama Bloggers will be speaking about how to connect with people of influence online. Rachel has years of experience working with business brands personally and partnering brands with local bloggers. She is the go to girl in Birmingham for connecting businesses with the right bloggers in the local market.

Strength group

Strength in Numbers

I have been so proud of how our core group of attenders are taking what they have learned and already implemented so much and are beginning to see results. More of their stories to come…

It is not too late for you to become a part of our Strength Social Media Conference community.

Join us Monday nights in April from 5:30-9:00 at the Danberry at Inverness. The nightly admission is $39.99 and includes 2 seminars and a panel discussion. Or you can get the All Access Pass now for only $89.99 (was $169.99). This includes tickets to the next two nights access to podcasts of all the sessions and membership into the Mitzi Jane Media’s Building Strength Private Facebook group to journey with Mitzi and the Strength core throughout the next year.

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