Strength Seminar Descriptions

Strength Seminar Descriptions 500

April 1 – Understanding Social Media

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Mitzi Eaker, Mitzi Jane Media, will share the top 5 mistakes business make in online marketing and then share what every brand owner needs to know to stand out and thrive in the ever-expanding, ever-changing, fast-pace world of social media marketing.

Basics of Social Media Tools

Teri Lynne Underwood will bring to light the social media platforms that are most applicable to your business and share personal insights into what has worked for her and her clients. She will highlight the best practices in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.


April 8 – Social Media Strategy

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Mitzi Eaker, Mitzi Jane Media, will share steps to create a social media strategy that supports your mission and goals, is maintainable, yet sets your brand apart from your competition. She will interview business leaders about how they create and implement strategy for their businesses.

Creating Content Your Customers Want

Karla Archer, Archer Creative, will teach you how to create customized content for blogging and social media that strengthens your brands, adds value to your online communities, and grows your business.


April 15 – Website Metrics

Google Analytics 101

Jerry Brown, Infomedia, shares the ten things you should know about Google Analytics and more importantly, why you should care. Including: How do people find me online? Who are they? Do they like me? Are they a valuable customer? How can I plan for the future?

Search Engine Optimization

Jerry Brown, Infomedia, cuts to the chase about getting your business found online. If you want your business to be a player on the web today, you need to know the SEO rules of the game.  Come hear all about how the world of SEO is changing.


April 22 – Social Media Branding

Business vs. Personal Branding

Online branding for small businesses is a living organism that is blend of personal and business networks which sometimes conflict with one another and your brand image. Julie Brannon, TELP Media, will share how to use your personal brand to strengthen your business brand while protecting your personal life and maintaining professionalism.

Partnering with People

Rachel Callahan, Alabama Bloggers, will give you an insider’s look at how to connect with bloggers and social media influencers. Rachel will share how to find bloggers to represent your brand and how to developing partnership beyond advertising. She will show participants how partnering with the “right” online influencers can expand your brand in Birmingham and on the worldwide web.


April 29 – Maximizing Social Media

Maximizing Your Social Media Productivity

Now, that you have your social media strategy and know what you need to do have a successful online presence, Emily Lowrey, will help you understand the tools and techniques to be productive and maximize your time online to connect with your customers. Emily shares from her experience as the founder and manager of Magic City Post, Shop Birmingham, Shop Mountain Brook, and several other online ventures.

Top Ten Take-A-Ways for Small Businesses

Mitzi, Mitzi Jane Media, will wrap up the conference by sharing the top ten highlights from previous weeks and covering important tips and takeaways from Strength.


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