Gifts of Joy: Tune Down and Turn Up

Gifts of Joy

In the month of December, we are thinking of ways to be more joyful. Not because I have the market on joy, but because I desire more joy in my own life to share with my family and tribe.

After showing my family a Periscope of my son flying his drone, I realized what a Debbie Downer I had become. I basically told all my negative thoughts on my kid’s most favorite toy which was a very expensive gift from their grandparents. We laughed about it, but that was a wake up call that the joy in my heart was not evident in my life.

I knew something had to change. I started a search for more joy which has lead me to this point where I want to take the month of December to rediscover joy and share that joy with others.

Each day I will present a “Joy Challenge”. This will be a simple action that we can do to find more joy or a share joy with others.

Tune down the negative and turn up the positive voices in your life.

Tune down the negative by thinking of the negative people that influence you in real life and via social media. Tune them out by setting boundaries on when you will accept their calls and see them. Tune down their voice on social media. Avoid liking or commenting on all their posts on Facebook, so that you will not receive more posts from them in your feed. You may have to block a few people this month to tune them out. It also may mean tuning down all media. Do what you need to do to take a break from the negative.

Turn up the positive people in your life by giving them more of your attention. Turn up their influence in your life. Consider having coffee or lunch with someone that encourages you. On social media, like and comment more on their posts so more positive things show up in your feed. Read or listen to positive messages. Consider doing a devotional or reading through the Psalms in the Bible. Seek more joy in your life by being intentional about finding it and sharing it with others.

The “Gifts of Joy Challenge” today is to tell one or more of those positive people in your life, those that bring joy to your life, thank you. Take a moment via social media or mail to send a note letting those know that you appreciate them for bringing joy to this world and making your life better.

You can tune in to my Gifts of Joy Persicopes @Mitzi_Eaker around 9:15 AM daily this month to chat or to share your Joy Challenge experiences in the comments.

I would love to know what brings you joy.